Thursday, September 1, 2011

I've Got a Hankerin'

In case you missed it, I am back in the classroom this year.
This go-round I'm teaching senior English.
Can I just say that I LOVE getting to teach literature and talk about books all day?
Because I do.
Not that I don't think grammar is important. On the contrary, I happen to think grammar is very, very important.
However, grammar isn't really all that fun.
Literature, however, is loads of the good stuff.
And all this reading has me longing for more.
Don't know about you, but I am ALWAYS on the lookout for my next good read.
Here's what's up next on my list:

Love Karen Kingsbury. I will admit, I was very sceptical of Christian fiction. I basically thought it would cheese-tastic. However, her books are wonderful! Plus, she's written about two tons of them, so there's always more when you get done with one. She reminds me of Nicholas Spark except her characters are more realistic, her plots are not so predictable, and she strives to incorporate good, Christian values into her stories. And I've heard WONDERFUL things about her latest series. This is the first book, and I'm ready to get started so I can then read the second, seeing as the third comes out in November.

I'm also wanting to read this one. My precious friend Emily gave it to me this spring, and I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't gotten to it yet. I did, however, let Kristen borrow it. She read it on the plane trip to Africa and said it was truly life changing. And life changing sounds pretty good after the summer I just endured.

I know I just said two relatively negative things about Nicholas Sparks, but I do love a good, sappy story sometimes......

I've heard great things about this book, including a comparison to The Hunger Games. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Although I've heard not great things about the movie, I've heard that this book is wonderful and thought-provoking. I'm thinking it deserves a little looksie.

So, what are you reading now or next or when you get the chance?
I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Happy Thursday to you and you and you.

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  1. I have jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon...a little late. :-) I'm on book 6 and have read the 1st 5 faster than I've read anything in a long time! Love them and really want to watch all the movies over again since they're probably make more sense now!


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