Saturday, August 27, 2011

This Week's Highlights

From last Saturday to this Saturday.... a glimpse at my week in photos.

Last Saturday night: Date night with my mom and gmomma

We went to the see The Help.

Do I even need to say that I absolutely loved it?
The fact that it was shot in my hubby's hometown
 and that Skeeter's mom has my bed made it all that much more enjoyable.

Thoughts on this?

Oh, and please take a looksie at the shoes my mom wore:

Apparently the stylish gene is not genetic. At best, I'm hoping it skips a generation-- perhaps the Libster will grow into it. I was certainly not that fortunate.

While on our date, I drooled over these:

And it's possible I wished they were mine.
However, I foresee some serious canoe time in my not-so-distant future.
 More to come on this soon.

Tuesday: There was the liver scope. Sounds way more fun than it is, trust me.
However, the scope was followed by some seriously fabulous froyo.

Thursday: There was the hubby's birthday.
We will celebrate tomorrow.
There will be pics.

Friday: We attended our first home high school football game.

Can I just say that my girls were born LOVING high school football?

I honestly believe this was the most fun Hollyn has EVER had in her little life.
She adored every single second.

And this one...well, the cheerleaders were there. Nuf' said.

So I must ask, what were the highlights of your week?
Are you finding a new school routine perhaps?
If you are and happen to have any tips you'd like to share, puh-lease leave a comment.
We are suffering from DSSR at our house:
Desperately Seeking School Routine.

Here's hoping your weekend is and will continue to be fan-freakin'-tastic.

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  1. I loved the Help too! Great movie! Almost as good as the book. I loved Emma Stone as Skeeter!

    Hollyn looks so big in that picture (Jenna has that same black & white polka dotted dress) I would live to see you and the girls.

    Call me soon so we can catch up. Love you! Give L & H a kiss for me!


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