Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Monday-ing to You and You and You

Happy Monday, peeps.
I hope your weekend was wonderful in every possible way.

Just wanted to stop in and say that lately, this has been the topic at my daydreams:

It's a's a Canon...and I love it. Need I say more?
I'm looking for the perfect bargain and then it will be mine.
I know you're excited because this will mean no more horrific phone pics on the blog and lots more pretty pretty super nice camera pis on the blog.
All in favor, say whatsup.

Also, I realized that I forgot to share these with you earlier.
Someone in my house has been doing some painting....
and that someone might be me.

These were my graduation presents for some kiddos I love, love, love:

And this is an old bulletin board that I recrafted into something cute for Lib's room:

You like? Sometimes I wish painting was my job,
 except I'm pretty sure that if it were it wouldn't be nearly as fun.

Libby's birthday is coming up next week.
Party planning is in full swing at our house.
What's going on at yours?

Happy Monday-ing to you and you and you.


  1. I got my rebel XSi a year ago March, and I LOVE it, but I'm wanting to upgrade to a Ti, so mine is for sale if you're interested!!!

  2. I just totally lost all credibility as a real follower and not just someone trying to sell my camera by addressing my comment to Lee instead of McCall! Duh! I'm sorry! Seriously, it's me, Katie, I've been here before!!!!


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