Thursday, August 11, 2011

As of Late: Failures, Favorites, and Whatnot case I wasn't already WAY slacking in the blogging department, last week (the night before school started, I might add), our computer totally died....the kind of dead where it wouldn't even turn on....
All I have to say that is RIP old computer,  and welcome to our home, new computer.
 We have been waiting for you.

Anyway, in the past week, lots and lots has happened, primarily:
 I returned to work after a year as a stay-at-home mom,
 the hubs started a new job, and the Libster started first grade.

And while Lib had a great first day, I was unable to really document it seeing as how Doc ate the memory card for my camera, and my cell phone pics just weren't up to par.
However, I was able to capture a shot of her that day sporting her back to school/welcome to your new school present:

That's one cute first grader, if I do say so myself.

I've had several people in the past week ask me what it's like to
 return to the classroom after being out for a year.

Here are some things I've realized that I really missed last year:

-the routine that comes with working; routines and I are kindred spirits
-football season: love it. the end.
-school could say I'm obsessed
-talking about books for five or so hours a day
-my precious, love, love them

In the same breath, here are some things I haven't missed even for a minute:

-having to dress up everyday
-not being able to wear flip flops as I so choose
-packing my lunch...and Lib's lunch...and Hollyn's breakfast....and the hubby's lunch
-waking up with the roosters
-not seeing my kiddos for long stretches of time

Regardless, I am happy to be back, am off to a great start, and am LOVING teaching seniors.
 I'm pretty sure it might be my favorite grade to teach, but I'm guessing only time will tell.

Moving on.....

we have been trying to squeeze in as much time with Jennifer as we can before she leaves for college later this month.....

And I literally cannot get over the ways this precious baby has grown in the past few months.

Here are a few quick updates from the Land O' Hollyn:

-she eats a banana a day
-she will fight you for a pretzel
-taking a bath still trumps any other activity
-she loves to organize and clean
-she wants to read all. the. time.
-she is still not a fan of sleep

Moving on.... again.....

Can I just say that I'm thankful that it's Thursday?
We are still playing catch-up at our house after the moving and hospital set-backs.
Here are a few things that will hopefully be on the agenda for this weekend:

* eating lots and lots of the wonder that is white chocolate peanut butter

* FINALLY seeing the latest Harry Potter movie. The fact that I haven't seen it yet is nothing short of a travesty, really.

*convincing the hubby that I NEED one of these Africa shirts.
You likey too?
Well, you can orders yours here.

*curling up on the couch with my copy of this:

I've heard it's as good as The Help, which I am also hoping to see very, very soon.

What's on your weekend agenda?

Here's hoping that whatever it is, it is wonderful.
Happy weekend-ing to you and you and you.

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