Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Being a Better Mom: Attempt #16

In case you missed it, in my last post I talked about how I am desperately seeking to enjoy motherhood and my children more in the midst of the craziness we commonly call life. A few days ago was one of those 'hit in the face' kind of days for me. As we were getting ready to go to church on Sunday, Hollyn choked. She was okay after she threw up (four times, I might add), but the event was very scary for all of us, especially Libby who was playing with her on the back porch when the choking began.
Even though the whole thing only lasted for about five minutes, it scared me to my core. And last night I found myself thinking about life before Hollyn, back when I thought one kid was all I needed. It also led me to think about the future and what I hope for my precious girls.
Number sixteen on the Mom Challenge asks that we think about what we think our children will be like at age twenty-five.
Here are some of my thoughts on this put into letter form.
 Today we'll start with Libby, and I'll be back later this week with Hollyn's letter.
Why letters, you ask? Because I like them. And this is my blog...the place where what I like goes.
Work for you? Good deal. Me too.

Dear Libby Bibby,

Twenty-five is a big deal.
At this point in your life you should have finished college, assuming you didn't up and change your major a dozen or so times. Right now you want to be a weather girl, a ballet teacher, and a cheerleader. But I see you doing something that allows you to be the boss- you are very, very good at being the one in charge. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's at the top of the list of things you love. I'm putting five dollars on the idea that you will grow to become a teacher. God has big plans for you in the leadership department,
 little one, I am just sure of it.

 So after graduation from the college of your choice (I'm thinking somewhere big, preferably in the SEC), you will get your masters. Guessing by now you are just about done with that. Also guessing that you are in the top of you class. For not only did God make you one heck of a leader, but He also made you as competitive as you are smart. In fact, your competitive nature happens to be one of my favorite things about you. Get out there are show 'em how it's done, kiddo.

As far as friends go, I'm hoping by now you have found your best of best friends. This girl will know your ins and outs and love and understand your feisty temper, million and one ideas, and your desire to be and do better. Treasure her, for good friends are not easily found. Speaking of friends, your little sister is in her senior year of high school right now. I hope you are still her biggest fan, best protector, and favorite person. Your love for her makes me long for the sister I never had, and I continue to thank God every day for your special relationship with her. You, little one, are the world's best big sister.

Let's talk for a second about boys. 
You have been dying to get married since the ripe ole' age of three and naming your babies since you turned five. I am convinced that God has big plans for you in this department. And seeing how we told you that you are not allowed to get married until you are at least twenty-five, I'm thinking that is probably on your mind at this point in your life. Don't you dare rush it. If it's meant to happen, it will happen. But make the most of your time as a single girl-- it is not wasted time and your life does not begin when you get married. Don't wish your single days away; make the most of them and enjoy the time in your life when you will only cook dinner for one. Please remember what we have told you about the one God has made for you if married life is part of His plan: 

-choose someone who understands you completely
-choose someone who challenges you to be and do better
-choose someone who doesn't always let you get your way. Even though this will frustrate you sometimes, it will be for the best. 
-choose someone who makes your heart go pitter patter
-choose someone who is smart, loves to serve others, and will be a great dad
-choose someone who loves Jesus as much or more as you do

As for who will become, I hope by now you've realized that being pretty isn't everything. You are, I'm sure, very, very pretty. But there is so much more to you than how you look. You are one of the smartest, most inquisitive, loyal, bright girls I have ever known. And I hope that at age twenty-five you are still learning, still growing, and still seeking to know and learn more.

I hope you have learned all that we have been trying to teach you in terms of serving others. I hope your heart is still growing in this department and that you are going out of your way to better the life of another. The servant seed has been growing in you for a long time, precious girl. What are you going to do with it now that you are all grown up?

I hope that at twenty-five you are self-confident enough to know that you matter and that you are great just the way you are. I hope you are still brave enough to never let the fear of new or unknown get in your way or keep you from stepping out of your comfort zone. I hope by now you've realized the importance of listening to others and have recognized that you can learn something from everyone, even if it's simply what or who you don't want to be; I hope you've recognized that listening is more important than talking.

I hope you haven't lost sight of the fact that hugs are important and that you still love to eat your veggies.
I hope you still talk to your Mimi every day and that you still think your Daddy is the greatest man ever.
I hope you still want to watch movies with me and will still be my date.

I also hope you've changed your mind about living at home for forever. While it's not that I don't want to see you every day, I also want you to experience the sense of pride that comes from having your own first place, paying your own bills, and the way it feels to come home again after being gone for far too long.

You have challenged me in more ways than you will ever know, Lib. Being your mother has made me better, stronger, and prouder than anything else I've ever done,
and I simply cannot wait to see that girl you grow to be.

Love you now and love you then,

P.S. Thanks to all who have asked about and prayed over my no-good-dirty- rotten liver. However, after having a procedure done where the doctor removed the remaining stone particles from my Bile Duct, hopefully my liver will neither dirty nor rotten any more.

Oh, and I do believe I owe you a story. So last Friday, after Lib lost her front tooth, we were walking to my car when I noticed a light bruise on her forehead. I asked her what she did to herself.
Her response:

"Oh, it's fine. I just hit it playing 'whip my hair back and forth'.

Nice job, Lib. Gone are the days when kids get hurt playing red rover, and hello to the days when kids get hurt while attempting to be Willow Smith.

Happy Wednesday to you and you and you.
Oh, and if you decide to write letters to your kiddos this week, share with me via comment?
I'd love to hear what you have to say.


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