Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In case you didn't notice....

....things are looking a different around here. That's because I got a new blog design created just for me by Keshia at Urban Design Studio 1.


The best part (other than the fact that it's exactly what I wanted and I LOVE it dearly)??? I WON IT! That's right, bloggers. The giveaways you hear about are in fact real...I'm living proof! I entered a contest to help spread the word about Child Rescue, an organization whose mission is to spread the word about child trafficking and sexual exploitation. After reading their statistics and finding out more about how this is a problem in the United States, I was in total disbelief. I hope that you'll take a moment to find out more about this great cause.

I wish I could have taped my reaction when I found out I won. I was so excited that the hubby proceeded to make fun and say things like, "You'd think you'd won the lottery or somethin'." Well, in terms of blogging, I kinda did...I've been wanting a professional blog design for a few months now and knew there was NO WAY I could afford what I want right now, what with my stay-at-home mom salary and all, and I was seriously considering asking for a design for Christmas. And then the clouds parted and the angels sang, and here it all...all pretty and fresh and clean.
Keshia was absolutely wonderful and graciously put up with my 4000 ten or so questions. She worked with me until I got exactly what I had in mind, and she even installed the darn thing for me! I gotta say, for a girl who was super proud when she made her own button, this was quite the gift....and it so made my week. :)

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