Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So not funny

My family thinks they are SOOOOO funny. Do have a family like this?
Well then bless your little heart, you feel my pain.

In fact, one particular member of my family thought she was SOOOO funny when she sent me this in response to my soccer mom post:

Like I said, totally not funny.

And then, when I went to express just how not funny this was to the hubby,
here's what I got in reponse:

Does it ever stop?
Enough with the funny already.
Give a girl a break.


  1. Just got back from two soccer games, Kindergarten and 2nd grade! I wish someone thought I was hot tonight ;-) I think my husband does, but it's been a long day, and I had to shower the girls in a hurry and get them to bed. Smile! Those who make fun have no clue!

  2. Following from blog hop...love to have you follow back!


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