Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday party details: Oreo Yum-Yums

If you know me at all, you know I'm all about simple, which is why I love this party treat. All you'll need for this one is a carton (is that what you'd call it?) of Oreo's,  a package of almond bark or another form of white chocolate to be used for baking (note: I used less than half a package per carton of Oreo's), sprinkles in your color of choice, and wax paper.
Then melt the almond bark according to package directions. Be careful when you take it out of the microwave; this stuff will be HOT!

While it's still warm, dip the Oreo's in and cover half of each side.

Sprinkle as deemed necessary and allow them to cool on wax paper.

Serve and enjoy.

Warning: This little numbers are HIGHLY addictive. I only made one package for the party, and they were gone before I even got to eat one. Therefore, trust me when I say go ahead and make that second package. Your family will thank you. Your jeans? Probably not so much. Although, I HAVE heard that adding pink sprinkles to something cancels out the calories..... Ok, so maybe not. However, it makes me feel less guilty eating these with that in mind. So feel free to join in...and tell Santa he's welcome to come along too.


  1. Oh my! Like I needed any more reasons to eat Oreos but now I have another to add to my list LOL. These look FAB! Anything in pink looks FAB! Thank you so much for linking up, come back next week and party with us again!

  2. Just saw your blog through Texas Monkey link party decided to follow. You sold me on these YUMMY looking oreos!

    With everyone being so ready for Fall in Texas, I think these would look so cute if you tinted the chocolate orange and made some to celebrate Halloween!

  3. I made these with my 4 yr old son's help for my daughter's 1st birthday in October - they were easy, fun, and of course tasty! Many people at the party commented on how great they looked and tasted.
    Thanks for sharing!


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