Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Perfect Polka Dot

This is gonna sound so random, but have you ever tried to paint a polka dot? It's harder than it looks. Apparently, circles are tough stuff, especially small circles.
However, I'm here to save your polka dottie day. ;)

To paint the perfect polka dot you'll need:

- the item in which you want to paint a polka dot on (I used a picture frame)
-some paint (I used Apple Barrel in white)
-a pencil with a brand new eraser
- a medicine cup (if you're like me, you have a drawer with about 300 of these in it)

First, I put enough paint to cover the bottom of the medicine cup into the cup. Then I dip, the pencil eraser into the paint (it's ok if it seems like there is a lot of paint on your long as it's not dripping and leaving unwanted paint in various places, you should be fine). Once your paint is applied, place the eraser lightly onto wherever it is you'd like to have your polka dot, and voila.

The finished result:

I painted close to fifty of these recently for my trip to my alma mater's rush party. I got the frames at Michael's for a dollar each and the little anchors were less than fifty cents a pop. I found them both in the unfinished wood section.

So, for a grand total of a dollar fifty, we had some stinkin' cute gifts.

The best thing about this project is you don't have to be a great painter to do it, and it can be used in so many different ways-- Christmas ornaments, party favors, birthday presents. You name it.

Enjoy and let me know where you put YOUR polka dots. :)


  1. Man, you must have had a lot of patience to do this! Super cute though! :]

  2. Cute project! Fifty is a lot of frames to paint - you are very brave!

  3. Very cute!

    Were these for a sorority?! Which one? I was a Delta Gamma and the anchor was one of our symbols.

    Visiting from TT&J.

  4. What a great tip! Thanks for sharing! :) M*


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