Thursday, September 9, 2010

Five thanks- August

Ok, August. Seriously, where did you go? First you were here, I blinked, and then you were gone.
In fact, you were gone before I had a chance to post my five thanks. And I am indeed thankful because narrowing it down to only five this month was not an easy task.
But narrow I did.

Here's what made the cut:

#1- My School Kid

 I am beyond thankful that Libby loves kindergarten. Her teacher continues to exceed my expectations, which says a lot considering I'm a teacher too, and therefore, I'm kinda sorta a lot picky. Her classmates are super cute, and she's not yet once said she'd rather stay home with me and sissy. I'd call that a success.

#2- Sleep

My newest addition has finally mastered the art of slumber. And it only took her eight months. Eight long months in which mommy and daddy about pulled their hair out when she was up every morning wanting to 3:30. However, I'll take what I can get. And right now, any sleep at all sounds great to me.

#3- My Cross Wall

I don't consider myself much of a collector. However, I do LOVE crosses, specifically the ones hanging in my office. I got my first one when I was seventeen, and have since been given all of these. Seeing as how they've all come from people I love, they are super special to me. Seeing them everyday not only reminds me of Jesus and all that He did for me and mine, but they also remind me of the story that lies behind each of them and how they came to live my office...with me.

While I love them all, this month brought a new favorite cross into my home.

See the one made of paper?
Yup, that's the favorite.
It was made for me by the Libster this summer at her first ever Bible School.
Most special.
 Hands down.

In fact, Lib loves my cross wall almost as much as I do. No, I'm serious. She's already asked me if she can have them when I die. Yes, she's six. If you can figure out how her mind works and how she comes with these things, go for it. And feel to clue me in when you're done.

Anyway, she has decided she wants to start her own cross wall,
and she now has her very first cross, which she got as a present for her birthday.

#4- Wicked Tickets

 I am so stinkin' excited about this one that I could just scream.
In October, my mom and I are going to see Wicked!
Although I've already seen it once I CANNOT WAIT to see it again.
Just call me a glutton.
If you ever get the chance to see it, I highly recommend.

#5- My Morning Fix

Dear Starbucks, 
 I have finally forgiven you for not relocating to a town close by.
While I still hate that you're an hour away, being able to find you in Wal-Mart has helped me with my withdrawals. Thanks for helping me to ease into my day.
 Your #1 fan,

And I just HAVE to ask-- what are YOU thankful for????

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  1. Your daughter is absolutely adorable.

    I saw you at New Friend Friday and will be following you!

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