Monday, June 23, 2014

We've hit the Summer wall.

At this point, we're about four weeks into Summer. 
And it's happened--
we've hit the Summer wall. 

The newness has worn off. 
We're no longer waking up ready to go at 6:30 in the AM. 
We're watching too much TV because it's hotter than the sun and the mosquitoes are ready to turn us into a virtual buffet the minute we step outside. 

And this mom has had enough. 

With Dad teaching Summer school this summer, I knew this would happen. 
The kids get bored, which I hate. 
We've read just about everything there is to read at the library. 
We've played Yahtzee so many times that I'm one step away from hearing dice rolling in my dreams. 
We've water-colored 'til our little fingers look like prunes and there is no more paper to be found. 
We've played pretend and dress up. 
We're all Candy Land and puzzles and Barbie-d out. 

We've cleaned and braided and colored. 

And we still have about seven weeks to go. 


Help a mom out. 


  1. Have the girls use old magazines and pictures and colorful paper and sheet protectors and make a scrapbook about themselves and their lives for their sister. They could include questions for them to ask their sister, drawings, those watercolor paintings, anything. It's easy to assemble in a binder. The older one could even help make a survival guide for her for school or even in the house (don't touch mommy's m&ms without asking, for example). Thinking of others tends to have a longer attention span than games and is easy to do a page or five in a day depending on moods and time.

  2. My mom got a hold of some big appliance boxes and built us a box house one summer. We LIVED in that thing, literally, for three days. Just pulled pillows and blankets in there. AND we got to color the walls (:

  3. My mama got a hold of some large boxes (like appliance-sized) and built us a box house one summer. My little brother and I lived in that thing, literally, for three days. We just pulled pillows and blankets in, and we had windows and hallways and our own "box rooms." It was awesome. We even got to color on the walls!


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