Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The beach is different with kids.

The beach is different with kids. 
It's as simple and complicated as that. 

No more closing my eyes and drifting away into a sweet, sunburn slumber. 
No more floating on a rift and staring up at the sun until I am in a sun and sand daze.
No more throwing a beach towel and a good book in a bag and heading out. 

Nope, nope, nope. 

Now I roll out with no less that fifty pounds o' goodies. 
Things like sunscreen with ALL the SPF, enough snacks to feed a small army, and every beach toy known to man find their way into my beach bag. 

My eyes are on overdrive-- constantly watching. 
Constantly counting kiddos. 
Constantly reapplying all the sunscreen to all their many, many parts. 

The beach is still fun. 
It's still relaxing. 

But these days, my joy comes from watching them rather than from my own time spent sunning. 

Seeing Hollyn sit in the water, little green floaties bobbing up and down, up and down brings a smile to face. 
And watching Libby find and treasure every. single. shell.--- that's pure joy, people. 

But the greatest beach joy these days? 
Oh, that's easy---
watching my girls love the heck out of it the same way I do. 
Takes the cake with every splashing wave. 

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