Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Community: Where I Find Mine

We're created for it. 
We long for it. 
We need it. 

And I don't have it.

At least, I don't have it where I live. 
Lee and I are somewhat stuck-- we live in one town (meaning our house is here) and really LIVE in another town (meaning we go to church, work (Lee), preschool (Hollyn), and dance there). 
Hard to keep up? 
Yup, I think it's pretty complicated too. 

As a result, we have very little community where we live-- no people to live life with, share our burdens and joys with, and help along this road we call life. 

And it's hard. 

It's lonely. 

It's basically no fun at all.

And our house? 
It's not selling. 

And honestly, I'm not sure that I really see it selling any time too soon. 

Thankfully, God knows my needs. 
He hears my prayers, and although He doesn't always answer them in the way I initially intended (aka OPERATION SELL THIS HOUSE), He DOES answer them.

And He has met my need for community... in a way I never expected. 

When I first became a Noonday Ambassador, 'a close group of friends who understand my heart' was nowhere on the list of what I thought I'd find while working with Noonday. 
In fact, I somewhat expected the opposite. 
A large group of girls working together? 
I expected drama. 
But that's not what I got. 

These women? 
They are amazing. 
They inspire me. 
They support me. 
They encourage me. 
They hold me accountable. 
They love me. 
And I love them. 

And although it's a little unconventional, seeing as how we aren't neighbors in the traditional sense of the word, THESE are my people. 

These are the girls I call when I need help, 
when I can't see clearly, 
when I need reminding of just how big and how good and how mighty our God is. 

Do I wish they lived closer?
Could I possibly love them any more if they did? 
Absolutely not. 

Community may not always look the way you expect. 
It may not fit into the mold you expect it to fit in. 
But God hears our prayers and meets our needs....even in ways we least expect. 

Today, I'm joining my precious friend Rachel and linking up with Community Brew. Of all the link ups, this one is my favorite. 
Join us? 

community brew link up


  1. Wow! This is so awesome. What a wonderful blessing that God has given your community in a nontraditional and unexpected way! He's so great and cool that way :) Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  2. I love this post McCall, and I was so pumped to see you linking up with us! :) The Lord is always good, and he will meet our needs even if that doesn't always look the same for everyone. I am beyond thankful that you are a Noonday Ambassador, or else we may have never met. So praise the Lord for the path he has so clearly laid before you and called you to! :)


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