Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tiny dancers unite.

You know how some mothers are emotional about things like graduation or birthdays 
or the last days of schools? 
Well, I'm the mom who is emotional about dance recital. 

There is just something so special about watching my girls perform. 

It slays me to see them so grown up and so independent. 

I'm not holding their little chubby hands or standing close by. 

They don't need me to be; they've got this. 

That time they are on stage, watching them up there looking so confident, it does something to my heart. 

It's one of my finest mom moments. 

Not because they're doing anything that a million other little girls around the world are doing this time of year.....

....simply because they're mine. 

And I love them as big as the sky, ripped tights, tap shoes (or no tap shoes-- way to pull that one off, Hollyn), and glitter eye shadow aside.

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