Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stitch Fix June: My Second Fix

Happy happy happy day:
my second Stitch Fix has arrived!

Not sure what Stitch Fix is? 
No problem. 
 Stitch Fix is a site that pairs you with  your own personal stylist. 
You schedule a box to come to your door, insert your style likes and dislikes, and wait patiently (or not so patiently if you're like me) for your first five items to arrive at your door. 
There is a $20 styling fee, but if you keep even one item, that $20 is applied to your total.
Don't like anything? No problem. Just send all five items back in the prepaid envelope
Love it all? Keep it and take 25% off of your total. 

Okay, so when I placed my order for my first fix
I was able to leave a specific note for the whomever might be styling this one. 
I requested tops, reminded her that it's all kinds of  hot here in Mississippi, 
and asked for some Aztec or other fun prints in this fix. 

And she listened.
She also took a peek at my styling board on Pinterest. 
How do I know? 
Well, she told me. 

Each box comes with a personal note from your stylist, along with a card with some tips on how to style each piece. Love these personal touches. 

Without further adieu, let's dive on in and see what this fix brought way: 

Item #1: Pomelo brand Indianan Graphic Print Mixed Material Tee {$44}

This is one of the pieces I'd pinned on my style board on Pinterest, and I was so excited to see a version of it in my box.  This shirt is a great example of the quality of Stitch Fix pieces. 
It feels SO GOOD! 
The front is so soft, and the back is so breezy. 
This shirt is a for sure keeper. 
Welcome to my life, new shirt that I want to wear every day from now until October. 

Item #1: Mystree Malvern Embroidered Loose Peplum Knit Shirt {$28}

This shirt was also on my Pinterest board.
 LOVE the look. 
LOVE the details. 
LOVE how comfortable and soft it is.
LOVE the price (Less than $30? Yes, please.) 
Don't so much love the fact that she can see every inch of my bra. 
And if you think the front's bad, you see the back. 
Now I know what you're thinking-- it involves a cami. 
However, it's just way too hot for all of that. 
I'm gonna try this one with a cami just to satisfy my inner voice, but it's probably going back. 
*Insert sad face here.*

Item #1: 41Hawthorn brand Ivy Abstract Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse {$68}

This shirt is confirmation of the fact that Stitch Fix has my sizing and fit and style down to a tee. 
I love everything about this one--- except for the colors. 
It's just a little too busy for me,
 and I wonder about that pattern going out of style sooner than later. 
In fact, I texted a picture of this one to the bestie, and she said it looked as though the shirt was wearing me instead of me wearing the shirt. 
I have to say that I agree. 
Again, Stitch Fix didn't drop the ball; there are just things I like better than this one, 
so it's going back. 

Item #1: 41Hawthorn Colibri Arrow Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse {$48}

Love everything about this one. 
It's very lightweight. 
It's a little longer, which I love. 
It fits like a dream.
And the print is just fun. 
I love how I could wear it with colored jeans or regular jeans or black pants. 
Also love the black and white. 
Seeing as how I currently don't have anything else like this in my closet and a good bit of Stitch Fix credit left, this one is a keeper. 

Item #1: 41Hawthorn Maddison Geo Print Belted Shirt Dress {$78}

I'll be honest with you--- I was a little skeptical about this one at first. 
And while I'm not going to keep it, I do like it a whole lot more on than I did in the box. 
I tend to shy away from things that tie around the waist, as I never feel as though they are flattering. 
However, this one really isn't that bad, and I seriously debated keeping it. 
It'd be a great year round dress-- would be cute with boots, tights, flats, or wedges. 
I actually let Lee make the final call on this one, 
and we agreed that something about it just wasn't quite right on me. 
However, I wish I could keep this neckline-- love it. 

Overall Thoughts?

Again, I think Stitch Fix has nailed my sizing and overall style. 
I'm actually very impressed, because anyone who has ever shopped with me
 will tell you just how very picky I am.
 I am a girl who knows what I like and doesn't buy things I don't absolutely love. 
If you're thinking about trying Stitch Fix, I 100% say GO FOR IT! 
Nothing beats being able to try the items on in the comfort of my own home with the right shoes, accessories, etc. while no one is digging through my purse on the floor of a dressing room with bad lighting. 
I also love how, in the rare event that I need to think about it, I can sleep on it before making my final decision and know that the clothes won't be gone in the meantime. 

Wanna join in on the fun? 
I'd love to refer you. 
Simply follow this link to sign up. 
And let me know if you have any questions. 
I'll be watching the comments and will answer any questions there 
in case others have the same thoughts or concerns. 

And again, thank you, Libby for taking my pictures. 
You're the best nine-year-old photographer I know. 

And if you're loving any of the jewelry in these pics, hop on over to my Noonday Collection website and get a closer look. 


  1. you are looking oh so cute McCall! Love the way you are wearing your hair - :)

  2. Ohmygoodness I love that first shirt!!!!

  3. I got here from the Stitch Fix hashtag on Instagram. I love Stitch Fix and I enjoy seeing what everyone gets and what they think. :) That second top is so cute—if you wear a nude-colored bra under the white top, you won't be able to see it at all. If that's what you're already doing, just ignore my advice. Haha.

    1. Yes, already sporting the nude-colored bra. Great tip though! :)

  4. Oh my gosh what a great Fix! I pinned three of your items to my Stitch Fix Pinterest board! -

    My last few fixes have been pretty good but not this good! I just posted a review as well. Glad I found you via Instagram :)

    Kerry / /


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