Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunburns, Good Reads, and Best Friends

Last week was perfection. 
I ignored my emails and focused on the sun, the sand, the water, and the best friend. 

When your best friend just so happens to live at the beach, what's a girl to do but make the absolute most of it about twice a year? 

We laughed, stayed up way too late, and lived in our swimsuits. 
We overdosed on Sonic slushes (peach vanilla and atomic lemon for the win). 
I read until my heart was content. 
We sobbed our way through' The Fault in Our Stars' sans kiddos.
We danced in the car way too much and ate way too much frozen yogurt. 

In a world full of rushing and responsibilities, 
it was exactly what I needed to tackle what is almost year #2 of the adoption process and all of the areas of my life that continue to be in a constant state of limbo. 

It was all kinds of wonderful.
Now the big question is...


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