Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shopping for Swimsuits Should Be Illegal

You thought I was gonna post a picture of me modeling a swimsuit, didn't you?
Clearly you don't me at all. 

Today I want to take a minute to be random and share some things I've been thinking about lately. 
Let's get started. 

1. This week I've been reading. Let it be known that I prefer to read a book straight through, all in one sitting. What can I say-- I like closure. Apparently I like closure more than I like sleep. And I'd rather stay up late ready than be responsible and go to bed at a decent hour any day of the week. This week I've read both The Antelope in the Living Room and The Fault in Our Stars. Antelope had me literally laughing until I cried. If you've been married for a few years, I highly recommend it. If you've only just recently joined us here in the land of married folks, I recommend waiting a bit on this one. My prediction is that it will be way funnier after the newness has worn off. Think the newness of your marriage will never wear off? Then you've just proved my point; wait on this one. So many truths about old love and what it really means to be married. LOVED THIS ONE. 
Moving on to Stars. I started this book last night; I finished this book last night. I may or may not start crying again if I talk about it for too long. LOVED THIS ONE TOO-- for totally different reasons. If you're an adult who is too cool for teenage novels, then steer clear. However, if you haven't totally lost touch with the younger generation and can still speak teen, then I highly recommend it. 

2. Can I just say that I think the McRib is one the grossest things ever invented. Seriously, the only thing I can think of that grossed me out faster than a McRib commercial is that one time when I was helping Libby clean out her hermit crab cage (may he rest in peace), and we found maggots hiding beneath the coconut bark. That is almost as disgusting to me as the thought of eating a McRib. 

3. I recently started watching 'Nashville'. Yes, I went back to the beginning and watched it from the start; I'm not a savage. Anyway, I'm now living among those of you who can't wait for Wednesday to get here so you can see what happens with Deacon and Gunner and all of my 'Nashville' friends. Tonight will be my first Wednesday night to watch 'Nashville' live. I feel like I've moved up to a whole new rank in life. 

4. One time in college I had two pet alligators living in an aquarium in my apartment. It's a long story, but sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I can still hearing them hissing at me. Needless to say, they weren't living with me by choice. 

5. Shopping for swimsuits post baby should be illegal. By this I mean, it's a danger to my mental health. And if you're one of those women who just loves your post baby body, we may or may not be able to be friends.....ever. Yes, my baby is four. Yes, my post baby body hasn't existed since 2004. No, I'm not willing to never again eat French fries. Yes, I still miss my body pre-Libby. And all of that combined with the bad lighting in dressing rooms combined with two kids pulling at me and rushing me and all of the above, and it's just not a win-win for me. Needless to say, if you see at the beach wearing jeans and a t-shirt, just smile, nod, and go with it. 

What's on your mind these days? 
Do tell. 


  1. Living with alligators.. This is a story we need to hear! LOL.

  2. Speaking of post-baby figures.... Well my first born is 20. Just sayin'. It's been a while ;) I agree with the mcrib opinion. You are too funny.


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