Monday, March 3, 2014

Make Your Mark!

Today is a special today. 
For you see, March 3rd means we have officially been on this adoption journey for nine months. 
Nine months. 
If you're a mama, you know what this means-- it means that if we weren't adopting and were having Emily the biological way, we'd have her. 
She'd be home or in the hospital covered in pink bows and kisses and wrapped in warm blankets and snuggled all day, every day. 

But that's not God's plan for our family and our girl. 

And while I'm happy because nine months in means nine months closer to our daughter, the mom in me is having a hard time. 
The truth is, we don't know exactly when she'll be home. 
Adoption is tricky like that.... so many unknowns and no real timeline. 

But we hold strong in the fact that God is in control. 
He loves our little girl, and I have no doubt that He wants her to have a family even more than we want her to have a family. 

So, instead of pouting and cramming my face full of Cadbury mini eggs, I'm choosing hope. 

She WILL come home. 
She WILL be with her family.
She WILL be snuggled all day, every day. 

It will simply happen in God's timing, not ours. 

So for now, we're waiting.....waiting with hope and anxious anticipation.

And while we're waiting, we're preparing. 
And we need your help. 

The next big step in our adoption journey will be passing court in Africa. 
Passing court is HUGE because it will mean Emily is officially, legally our daughter. 
Passing is also expensive (think about $7000), and we want to be ready the minute that happens. 

We also want Emily to know just how loved she is. 
We want her to know how many people were praying her home. 
We want her to see how big God is and how hard He worked for her. 
We want her to hear about that mountains He moved on her behalf and to know that she was fiercely loved long before we ever met her. 

So, with that in mind, I give you MARK YOUR MARK. 

Emily may not be home on the nine month mark, but she WILL be home. 
And we want to be ready. 

THIS is the suitcase we will use take with us to Africa to bring our girl home. 
And we want it to reflect all of you who have become a part of our adoption story. 

We're her family, and we are praying her home. 
But I know we aren't the only ones. 
So many people have expressed their desire for our girl to be home where she belongs, and we want her suitcase to show her just how much she is wanted and longed for and loved and prayed for and thought of. 

Will you join us in our journey to bring Emily home? 
Simply make a donation in any amount. 
A dollar, twenty dollars, all the dollars-- every little bit helps. 
It all adds up. 
And it's what we need to get her home. 

Once you make a donation, we'll add YOUR NAME to Emily's suitcase. 

Will you become a part of Emily's story? 
Will you MAKE YOUR MARK on our adoption journey? 

Thank you. 
From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 
Any mother who has ever longed for her child, pleaded to God for her child, and cried out whole heartedly for her child knows, nine months is a big, big deal when it comes to bringing home our babies. 
And Emily is indeed my baby. 

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