Friday, November 1, 2013

Emily's Bundle Giveaway: An AWESOME Adoption Fundraiser

It's no secret that we are adopting. 
(However, if you're new around here, you can learn more about our journey here, here, and here .)

It's also no secret that adoption is expensive. 
But like I've said at least a hundred times, 

So, I recruited some help....mostly from total strangers, amazing strangers from all over the country who want to help bring Emily home and create one less orphan in this world. 

I asked them to donate an item or two. 
And donate they did.
Thirty-one people sent some of their hard work our way, 
to the grand total of $1200 worth of goodies....
for four of you.  

That alone has had me in tears more than once. 
God is moving. 
He wants our girl to come HOME, and I can't wait to one day tell her about all of the people from all across the country who worked hard and sacrificed so that she could be part of a family. 
*My eyes literally fill with tears just from thinking about that.*

But we are still a long way from our goal. 
Think thousands of dollars. 
 God is good, and He will give us what need to bring our girl home. 
We truly believe that. 
(You can read more on my thoughts on fundraising and how it's defining 'humble' for me here.)

But it takes a village. 

$5 can truly make a difference in our adoption journey. 
I have over 400 followers on this blog. 
I have close to 400 followers on Facebook. 
I have over 900 followers on Instagram.
And I have over 100 followers on Bloglovin'. 
That's almost 2000 followers in all. 
And if they each entered just one time, well that's a lot of pocket change. 

Our goal with this fundraiser is $3500. 
That will completely cover our Dossier fees to Congo. 

I fully believe we can meet this goal. 
$5 is one cup of coffee at Starbucks. 
It's five $1 items at Target. 
It's less than most people spend on one meal at McDonald's. 
We spend $5 and don't even think anything about it sometimes. 

Well, the mom in me is asking you to think about it. 
My girl is waiting on me. 
She needs her family. 
And your $5 can be the difference we need. 

This will be our last big fundraiser until the new year. 
I'm putting all of my eggs in one basket and praying hard the people will be moved by our story. 
I'm praying they will think about our girl. 

Don't do it for me; do it for Emily. 

Would you like to be part of Emily's village? 
Do you want to play a part in our adoption journey? 
Well, here is your chance. 

This giveaway will be open for eleven days
 (NOVEMBER 1-11). 

Here are the details on how to enter: 

- Each bundle has its own rafflecopter entry system. 

-For ever $5 you donate, you get one entry.
 So, let's say you donate $20. 
You can then choose to either enter each bundle one time
 or your favorite bundle four times 
(or any other four entry combo. that works for you). 
Divide your entries however you choose, 
I just ask that you be honorable.
 $5= one entry to one bundle.

-You can also get entries for sharing about this giveaway by sharing. 
Social media has already played a HUGE roll in bringing our girl home, 
and we'd LOVE for you to use your voice to help spread the word!
Share on facebook=one entry. 
Share on Twitter=one entry. 
Share on Instagram=one entry.
You get the drill. 
You can choose to enter whichever bundles you choose with your social media entries and can share every day to gain even MORE chances to win!
Again, I just ask that you be honorable. 
1 share=1 entry on 1 bundle of your choice

-At midnight the night of Nov.11, 
rafflecopter will randomly select FOUR WINNERS, 
one from each bundle. 

-Can you donate $10, enter two bundle giveaways, and win them both?
Totally possible. 

If you have any questions on how to enter, please leave them in the comment sections on this post, as chances are you aren't the only one with that question.
 I will do my best to answer your question(s) in the comment section as well.

And before you begin entering, let me just say THANK YOU. 
Thank you for sacrificing for my girl. 
Thank you for helping us bring her home. 
Thank you for helping us get one big step closer to her. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Here is where you can make your donation: 

And now, without further adieu, I give you, THE BUNDLES. 

This bundle is jam-packed with items for you to spoil yourself!
At a total value of $349, this bundle includes ten awesome prizes. 
What an awesome way to treat yourself or take care of some women on your Christmas list!

Thank you again to all of the amazing people who donated to this bundle! 
Check them out and show them some love! 

Rose Camera Bag in teal- Jo Totes
'You are my Sunshine' 19x22 wooden sign- Go Jump in the Lake
'It is well with my soul' insulated acrylic tumbler- Sweet Sipsters
Noonday Galapagos necklace, Coastal bracelet, and Escelera bracelet- Wynne Elder from Gloriously Ruined
Set of two wishlet bracelets- Letter Happy
Come Thou Fount canvas- donated by my precious friend Megan
'Home Sweet Home' print- Sweet Tea and Sparkles

Just a simple donation of $5 can result in your winning all of THIS! 

Is there a little girl in your life? 
Well, then this bundle is for you!

I was so overwhelmed by the responses for the little girl bundle! 
NINETEEN awesome prizes. 
Wow. Just wow. 

Thanks again to all of the wonderful people who donated for this one!
Check them out and thank them for helping to bring Emily home!

headband holder- Khloe's
baby doll sling (cupcake print)- Lil Peeper Keepers
set of two fabric hairbows- Fiori Finti
8x10 Little Girls print- Kensie Kate
Set of three tissue paper pom poms and paper lantern (pink)- 1 Pom Pom Girl
children's jersey infinity scarf- Two Potato Apparel
set of two boutique hairbows- Diva Girl Boutique
mudpie shoes
juice box holder
Stephen Joseph butterfly thermos
set of two felt hairclips
two Sophie and Lili dolls- North American Bear Company

The girl who wins this is in for such a treat. 
Think birthday presents. 
Think stocking stuffers galore. 
Think about Emily being HOME with her forever family. 

Your $5 donation can make a world of difference. 

Little boys, little boys, little boys. 
This bundle is so much fun. 
With eight prizes worth $239, this bundle would be great for the little man in your life!

I can't say thank you enough to the people who donated to this bundle. 
My love language is when people love my children, and this one has me floating on cloud nine. 

Thanks again, to all who donated!

Steely Teal messenger bag- The Pleated Poppy
'You are my Sunshine' print- Sweet Tea and Sparkles
quiet time ideas box- The Idea Box Kids
set of two striped bow ties- The Belle and the Beau
chalkboard mat- Hustle Mama
reusable sandwich bags- Lily Pie Baby

Such a cute little bundle for your little fella!

Just a $5 donation, and it can all be headed your way in time for Christmas!

I'm just gonna be honest and say that this bundle is my favorite. 
I love the idea of sending a big box full of Mississippi goodness to someone else who loves my little state as much as I do!

Thanks again to all of those who donated for this one!
Eleven prizes and $397 worth of Mississippi goodness. 
Love, love, love this bundle and secretly wish I could enter to win it. 

Show those who donated some love?

'Feels Like Coming Home' print- Pen, Meet Paper
four pack of MS notecards- So Filled With Love
MS copper and sterling bracelet- Bird on a Wire Jewelry
MS necklace- Kim's Jewelry 
Made in MS onesie- MS Mud Apparel
MS pillow- Gigis Stitches
MS flour sack dish towel- Clara M Designs
MS canvas- donated by my precious friend Megan
MS hand towel- Andi's Appliques
The South 8x10 print- Sweet Tea and Sparkles
a mini photography session with the amazing Masa Kathryn Photography in Columbus, MS (in case you don't know, Masa does a lot of the Deep South Pout shots.
She's a personal friend who loves Jesus and missions and my daughter whom I haven't met yet.
So grateful for her and her amazing donation!)- Masa Kathryn Photography

$5 is all it takes to make a difference. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you.
Thank you for helping to bring my girl home.
Thank you for being a part of our story.
Thank you for supporting adoption.
High fives and bear hugs for everyone.


  1. Hi McCall! I have no idea if I did this right but I meant to enter the Spoil Yourself package twice! Thx!!

  2. Hi McCall! I have no idea if I did this right but I meant to enter the Spoil Yourself package twice! Thx!!

  3. I entered the wrong PayPal email! is what I entered but I forgot that I changed it until I logged in! is the email I sent you the $$$ with :)

  4. Praying for your family! I entered four times - twice for the $10 donation, once for posting on FB and another for posting on Twitter.

    I found you through The Pleated Poppy's blog :)

  5. What great items! I'm so glad for the chance to enter, and share with all of my friends! Good luck! I think I'll be back tomorrow . . . :-)

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