Thursday, October 31, 2013

God gave me a gift. It's a book.

A few months ago, I agreed to write a review for Lisa Harper's book Overextended...and loving most of it!
Notice I said a few months ago. 
You see, I hadn't been able to read it yet because lately I've been....well...overextended. 

Lately I have literally felt like I'm being pulled in one too many directions. 
Between family life, Noonday life, and adoption life, there needs to be two of me...and some days really call for three. 

It's not so much that I'm busy. 
I'm always busy. 
I thrive on being busy. 
I haven't NOT been busy since I graduated high school.

But lately I'm busy AND my emotional plate is full. 
Adoption does that to a mom. 

I've been too busy lately to do a lot of the things I love, including reading, which happens to be one of my
 all-time favorite pass-times, right behind white water rafting and loving on babies in Africa. 

And last night I just needed a break. 
I needed to lose myself in a good book. 

Of course, I was too busy yesterday to go to the library, so I headed on over to ye grand ole' bookshelf. 
And what could be more appropriate for a girl in the busiest season of her life
 than a book about being busy? 

I had no idea the gift that God had waiting for me between those pages. 

First, the book was written while the author was in the midst of her own adoption.
I had no idea. 
I picked it and didn't put it down until I'd completely finished. 
It felt like it lasted about thirty minutes....and I wasn't ready for it to be over. 
It was just what I needed on so many levels. 

Every once in a while, the strangest thing happens. 
I get a book I've been waiting to read, yet I suddenly have no immediate desire to read it. 
When I finally get around to it, it just so happens that this book is 100% appropriate for the place I'm in at the moment. 

I like to think of these books as gifts God is giving to me. 
He knows what I need EXACTLY when I need it, and He always meets my needs, even if it's via the words on a written page.  And I'm pretty sure God had Lisa Harper write this book with me in mind. 

I learned from this book. 
It made me laugh. 
It made me cry. 
It drew me into God's word. 
It provided some practical tips to managing the busy times in life. 
It left me feeling refreshed, empowered, and longing for more. 

Lisa Harper, I want to hug you, sister friend.
Your words spoke straight to my heart and made me laugh out loud. 
It was the perfect combination of funny, insightful, and spiritual. 

What have I've got to do to get another chapter or two?

Five of my favorite quotes for those of you who don't read and to encourage you who do to run (don't walk) to grab a copy of this one for you and your favorite busy girlfriend: 

* Life isn't always orderly and relationships rarely fold neatly with hospital corners. Real life....abundant life....God-honoring life is about loving Jesus and the people He allows us to rub shoulders with well. Which means some days we'll be stretched emotionally and physically. We'll be taxed to the max. We'll be exhausted. We'll probably even embarrass ourselves in the process. Thankfully, God can expand our hearts, minds, bodies, and calendars to accommodate our calling.  (pg. 8)

*...God gives us specific directions--even when life is loud and chaotic. All we have to do is listen. (pg. 69)

*...often when we're feeling frazzled, the stress we're experiencing is less about what's taking place in that moment and more about baggage we're still lugging from the past. (pg. 72)

*If you live long enough, disappointment is inevitable. Drama, on the other hand, isn't. (pg. 73)

* I have grown to appreciate every single scar etched into my jar of clay because they prove I put myself out there. I've taken risks. I didn't sit idly on the curb while life passed me by. I'm learning to do the same thing with my heart. If it gets a little dinged in the overextension process, it just proves I trusted Jesus enough to put it out there. Besides, I think God digs chicks with scars. (pg. 193)

Seriously, if you're looking for a book during a busy season in life (emotionally, physically, or both), this is the book for you.
Buy it now, read it when God tells you to. 

*And while I did get a free copy of this book to review, I want to make sure you know that these words, thoughts, and ideas are mine. I was in no way paid to write this...although that would be awesome.*

And be sure to come back to this here blog tomorrow....great things are coming your way. :) 

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  1. Love it when that happens! Thinking about you on your adoption journey!


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