Monday, November 4, 2013

Orphan Sunday: Some Thoughts

Yesterday was good. 
Yesterday was hard. 

I hate knowing that there's a need for a day dedicated to increasing awareness to the millions of children without families throughout the world. 
I hate that there are orphans. 
I wish that there wasn't a need for a day like yesterday, but there is. 

I do find joy in knowing that we are working to make one less orphan in this world. 
It's a tiny dent, hardly even worth mentioning in the big scheme of things. 
But what if more people work to make even a dent in the orphan crisis? 
A dent could become a big, gaping hole. 
And then one day, there could be no more orphan crisis. 

I also find joy in the hope that this time next year, 
we could be celebrating Orphan Sunday in a very different way, with Emily HOME. 

That is my prayer and my hope. 

If you'd like more information on Orphan Sunday, 
here are some great blog posts from fellow adoptive mamas: 

Please be in prayer for those orphans waiting for their families. 
Please pray for those who are waiting for their babies to come home. 
Please pray for those feeling the call to adopt and not quite ready to take that great leap of faith.
And please, please, please pray for our Emily. 

We've raised ALMOST $1000 dollars at this point and still have several days to go. 

You can find our giveaway HERE

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