Friday, September 6, 2013

Just What We Needed

So sorry I've been MIA this week. 
Ever have one of those weeks where you can't seem to keep you head above water? 
Between adoption errands and car troubles and Noonday goodness and playing catch-up from being gone all weekend, I feel like I've been living in fast forward the past few days. 

That being said, last weekend could NOT have come at a better time. 
My getaway with Libby was nothing shy of perfection. 

She spent time with her favorite person on Earth. 

They caught up and made lots of new memories. 

And my girl and I agree that alternative birthday was the way to go this year. 

Oh, and I might have had a good time too. 
Sorta kinda. 

Time with my best friend is priceless and precious and more fun than I can handle. 
Okay, that's not true. 
I can handle it and only wish we could see each other more often. 

Here's hoping your week was way less crazy than mine has been.
Tomorrow we'll be celebrating Libby's birthday at loud party, no last minute planning, no stress. 
And I can't wait. 

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