Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cutest Dolls Ever, My Girl is Famous, and a Giveaway

Have you heard about North American Bear Company
I just love them and all of their cuteness. 
Well, when they contacted me this past spring and asked if they borrow my girls for some marketing shots, I of course said yes. So, the girls and I headed to a land far, far away that is also know as our backyard, and I snapped a few shots of them with their new Sophie and Lili dolls, aka the cutest dolls I've ever seen. 

We had so much fun, and apparently the people at North American Bear Company liked them because this is what arrived in my mailbox this summer: 

Yes, that is Libby on the cover of their new catalog. 
She was so excited. 
Every girl needs her five minutes of fame, right? 

We just love their dolls.
Each design comes with the cutest little tag that tells you about your doll's personality. 
I love how they encourage my girls to embrace who they are. 
In fact, we love them SO  MUCH that we included the Lena doll in our thank you card that we send out with all of our adoption shirts. 

And North American Bear Company wants to give one doll to THREE of YOU!

Which one would YOU pick if you win? 

I am seriously thinking about just buying stock in them and giving them as our go-to birthday presents from now until the end of time. 
When I say we LOVE them, I am so not kidding. 

The giveaway will run from today until Tuesday night (October 1) at midnight. 

And thanks again, North American Bear Company, for giving my kiddo a really fun item for show and tell. 
You guys rock. 
The next time in Chicago, I'm totally stopping by the office to give you all high fives.

*While North American Bear is all kind of awesome and did send us some dolls to keep free of charge, these opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. I think I would choose one of the Lili dolls or Gigi! So cute

  2. I would love a Lena doll to bring to my littles in Ghana! (its really hard to find cute non-white dolls!)

  3. Sophie, who happens to be wearing stylish leopard, is an easy choice for me! :)

  4. I love the Mimi doll! These dolls are great!

  5. I would love Sophie with the leopard jacket...she's great!! We love Sophie & Lili!!

  6. I would pick Lili the ballerina. My daughter's middle name is Lilith, and she loves ballerinas!

  7. What a giveaway! I love these little dolls and was only recently introduced to them. My little girl needs them all! I would pick Sophie for her if I won!

  8. I would love Mimi or Sophie since my daughter name is Sophie! :) These dolls are so adorable!

  9. I would choose Joy for my daughter. She loves superhero's and pink.

  10. I would choose Sophie Ballerina. Thank you so much for offering such a sweet giveaway.


  11. My 4 year old (Ansleigh) would love Sophie! Such precious dolls! Why haven't I seen them before?! Love.

  12. My first choice would probably be the Sophie ballerina, but I love them all.

  13. If the doll were for me, I would choose Joy because of the cape or Mimi because of the polka dots. My almost 4 year old would likely pick Lili because she dresses like her and the doll looks a lot like she does.


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