Friday, September 27, 2013

And I Can't Stop Crying

Our Little Houses for Emily fundraiser is starting to come to a close. 
People across the country are cashing in their pennies to bring our girl home. 
And I can't stop crying. 
Every time a donation comes in, the waterworks are sure to follow. 
I'm running out of Kleenex over here, and I literally feel like God has given me a front row seat to watch Him move mountains to bring my girl home. 

He is so good. 
He is so faithful. 
He loves me.
And He loves my girl. 

I am so overwhelmingly grateful and humbled and blessed beyond measure. 

I'm also so blessed by the things people are telling me about the conversations about adoption that this fundraiser has started. My heart is so very full. 

We're coming for you, baby girl. 

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