Monday, September 9, 2013

And a Million Sprinkles

Well, it's official: my girl is nine. 

We celebrated at home with a cake that had nothing short of a million sprinkles on it. 

And the fact that Hollyn added over half of them?
Yeah, pretty sure I deserve some sort of special mom award for that one. 

But, my girl felt special.....

...and loved.....

....and celebrated. 

And that's what matters....

....even if it does mean I'll be cleaning up sprinkles until I die or Jesus comes back, whichever happens first. 

And Hollyn? 

Well, she wants her birthday to be here RIGHT THIS MINUTE. 

Sorry, kiddo.
January is taking its good ole' time. 

What is your FAVORITE birthday memory as a child? 

Mine is when I turned seven and a had a skating party. 
It was the coolest, circa 1987. 

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