Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Friends We Find Along the Way

So, there are a lot of things I love about blogging. 
I love getting new ideas, relating to others, and being inspired. 
But my favorite thing about blogging? 

The friendships that are formed. 
Blogging has helped me to see outside of my little circle of friends and connect with women from across our country, women who share my convictions, my heart, and even my quirky sense of humor. 

And I have met a girl who has truly become a close, close friend. 

Ladies, today I'd like to introduce you to Tobi. 

What started out as a random Instagram following, has since grown into a late night, facebook chatting friendship. 
And can I just say that this girl is awesome? 
Maybe incredible is a better word. 

And she gets me. 
And I get her. 

We are FRIENDS in the truest sense of the word. 

And though we haven't (YET) met in real life, it so doesn't matter. 
I know she's there-- getting my jokes, understanding my desire to serve, and ready to share her stories and her life with me. 

Sometimes it's easier to share things with someone you don't see regularly 
or won't risk running into at the store. 
In that sense, I like to think of Tobi as my free online any time therapist,
 and I know she feels free to do the same. 

I have no doubt that God allowed our paths to cross at this perfect season of our lives. 
And the fact that we haven't yet met in real life is just a minor detail in the big picture 
that is our growing friendship.

Not only is Tobi seriously one of the most talented people I know
 (take a peek at her facebook page and see for yourself), 
but she's also a soon-to-be mama. 

You see, Tobi and her precious husband Corey have been trying to adopt... for eight long years. 

Their story is full of heartache and disappoint, but God has given them hope. 

And they trust in Him. 

And sometime soon (I just KNOW it will be soon), they will bring home their long awaited, very loved daughter, 


They just reached the one year waiting mark for Ivey, which Tobi wrote about here on her blog

I seriously can't wait to love on this baby girl. 
She and Hollyn will be friends; it's a given. 

I plan to send her hand-me-downs and encourage Tobi when Ivey refuses to sleep. 
It will be great. 

But first, she has to get home. 

So, Tobi and her husband are selling what HAS TO BE the cutest adoption t-shirt in history. 
Check them out and try to contain yourselves. 

Precious just barely touches the surface on this one. 

They're navy (which I just love) AND v-neck! Even better, right? 
I think you need one. 
They even offer a second design for the guys in your life. 

Check out their online shop here. 

And keep searching-- the world is full of awesome friends you simply haven't met yet. 


  1. There are no words for the love I have for you. I am SO thankful for our friendship. God really knew what he was doing when he put us together. I am thankful for our honest chats and the way we can be here for each other. I am blessed to call you my friend. I LOVE YOU - thank you for this...you make my heart so happy. xoxo

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