Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Dear Hollyn, 
Last week you got a slinky stuck it your hair. Two words for you: NOT. COOL. 
Love, The Mom Who Doesn't Want to Have to Get the Scissors

Dear Hubby, 
We need to go on a date. 
It's been way too long.....like since we went to Africa last July. 
If I sell an organ and get some dolla dolla bills, will you take me to the movies? 
I'll wear something other than an old t-shirt.....
Love, The Wife Who Wants a Night Out

Dearest Darling Africa, 
I miss you. In fact, I MORE than miss you. I literally caught myself day-dreaming about red dirt and elephants and little babies grabbing at my long skirt. I NEED plans to come back to you very, very soon. You bring out the best in me. 
Love, The Girl Who LOVES You BIG TIME

Dear Little Baby Libby, 
Come back. I miss you. Where did you go? One day you were singing Old McDonald, and today you came home singing a version of 'Don'tcha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me' that someone taught you at the lunch table today. I miss you wanting to spend every minute with just me and wearing whatever I pick out without bucking the system. I miss the days when you were little and squishy and just wanted your mama. While I love big girl Libby, can I just play with little bitty Libby for a day here and there? 
I'd be forever grateful. 
Love, The Mama Who Wants to Freeze Time

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