Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Makes My Heart Smile

Lately I've been seeing Noonday all over facebook. 

Those amazing friends of mine....

...they aren't just supporting me.....

....they're literally changing lives with their purchases. 

Thanks to their support of Noonday, someone will now be able to go to school....

...get health care....

....and eat a meal tonight.

Their purchases may even have enabled a mother somewhere else in this world to keep her child. 

These friends of mine are changing the world one purchase at a time.....

...and I could not possibly be more proud of them. 

If you haven't checked out Noonday Collection and read about all the way your purchase has the power to make a change for the better, please do so. 

And if you'd like to give your mother something for Mother's Day that could literally change the life of another mother in this world for the better, the last day to order is April 30. 

{Wear a story. Change a life.}


  1. OK, I have been following your blog for some time, but never really picked up the noonday part. I went to a noonday show on Sunday, and we planned one for our adoption, and as I was thumbing throught the catalog I saw your picture and went "I read her blog" LOL. :) I loved the products and the amazing stories and cannot wait to share it with my friends !

  2. Such sweet pictures & we love noonday! So great! :)



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