Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some Girls Love Shoes

Some girls love shoes. 
Others love purses. 
And for some girls, make up is their thing. 

For me, it's shirts for a good cause. 
I won't even begin to tell you how many I've collected in the past two years. 
Let's just say it's a lot. 

I am totally a t-shirt and flip flops kind of girl. 
And the idea of my clothes helping to do good things for others makes me all kinds of excited. 

It's almost t-shirt season, and if you're needing to add a few to your wardrobe, here are some places to start. 
Also, I'm thinking these would make GREAT graduation gifts. 

Feed the Hungry tee- here

Krochet Kids International- here

Love is Thicker Than Water - here

Clothed in Hope- here

Live With Less- here

Burleigh Family Adoption- here

Love is Ethiopia- here

Word from the Wallaces- here

Bring Ivey Home- here

One Starfish at a Time- here

Rust and Sparkle- here

Adoption is Beautiful- here

Our Misconception- here

Ruoko of Grace - here

Bless You and Keep You- here

Which one are you wanting? 
I'd love to hear. 
And if you know of any others for sale for a good cause, leave a link in the comments! 
I'd love to check them out. 

And don't forget-- the WORDS OF WISDOM giveaway ends tomorrow night!


  1. lots of great shirts...thanks for sharing!

  2. Hope Grafted In has some cute t-shirts. They are a non-profit organzation that helps support adoption and also 3 specific ministries in Kenya and Uganda.

    I love all 3 shirts you are wearing in the bottom row of the pictures of you! Do you know if any of those are still available?

  3. I love adoption shirts! We are adopting from Ethiopia.

    You can check out our shirts here:
    They have the message of "Just LOVE" & proceeds not only support our adoption, but a percentage of the proceeds goes toward ministries supporting social justice issues (like orphan care & prevention, education, sustainable jobs, human trafficking, etc.).

    Thanks :), Stacey


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