Monday, October 31, 2011

My Christmas List: Mom, This One's for YOU

My mom has been {persistently} asking for my Christmas list for a while now...
Is it just me or does Christmas seem to be coming this year with the force of a herd of raging bulls?

Anyway, typically when my mom asks for my Christmas list, I give her one or two things. However, this year, I want to be surprised. So, I've put together a longer list. Mom, feel free to pick and choose as you see fit. Note: this will also serve as my birthday list, which is no doubt be the next thing my mom asks for seeing as how my birthday is a mere two weeks after Christmas (Jan. 7 to be exact).

Let's start with one of these:

I like the pretty blue one in front. I'd put it in our bedroom. So classic, yes?
You can order one here.

This shirt:

While it may seem silly that I'm asking for t-shirts, for the first time in a LONG time I actually am short on supply, seeing as how almost all of my college shirts have now officially bit the dust. And I love this one because a.) the proceeds help fund an adoption b.) it's v-neck, making it more than just a t-shirt, c.) it combines an awesome scheme of colors  d.) all of the above. You can order your very own here.

And in the name of gifts that give back, check this out:

I think it's so stinkin' cute. And I don't have a single hat to wear on days when the hair and I just aren't seeing eye-to-eye. It also gives me an excuse to talk about Africa when I wear it. I see this as a win-win. These cuties can be ordered here.

Speaking of the hair, it's a rare occurrence for me to not totally hate my hair these days...or any days. Ever.
I've heard great things about this product:

It can be ordered at the Redken site or bought in a number of salons, mine just doesn't happen to be one of them.

Next on the list:

It's a cake ball maker! As a mom who believes in the power of a good birthday party and loves to make treats for my girls and their classmates, I think this would be so much fun. Totally not something I need, but I think I'd use the heck out of it. It can be ordered here.

I am also lovin' this dress:

Winter dresses are in short supply at my house. By this I mean I have about two. This one is super cute. It can be found here.

The biggest item on my list:

It's a Shark vac. and steamer combo. With all hardwood and tile in my new house, this will certainly make my daily life easier. My mom also happens to have a Shark, and she LOVES it. They can be purchased here.

So you know how some women hoard shoes and purses?
Well, I'm a jacket girl.
And this one is so my style:

It can be found here and would be great seeing as how my other blue jean jacket has seen better days.

Last but certainly not least:

After walking five miles about five times a week all summer, my current tennis shoes are about as supportive now as a pair of cheap flip flops. I think they need to be replaced with a pair of these:

Cute, yes? They can be found here.

What's on YOUR Christmas list this year?
I'd love to know.

Also, Happy Halloween to you and you and you.
I LOVE Halloween, and this morning the cutest Dorothy I've ever seen left our house headed for school.
Pictures to come. However, just a heads up:
my precious Hollyn has the nastiest cold I've ever seen right now.  She will not be trick-or-treating. Boo on this, and here's hoping my precious girl feels like her old silly self soon.

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  1. My Christmas list :)
    *Clarisonic Mia
    *Pandora leather bracelet in champagne
    *Any Fiestaware in the Christmas pattern
    *Any Fiestaware in Peacock or Lemongrass
    *Fiestaware knife block in multicolor


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