Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Last night was the big trick-or-treat, and Dorothy and I had a fab-o time......

...complete with ruby red slippers.

However, it was a bit bitter sweet without Hollyn and Daddy, who were hangin' at home.
And about halfway through the evening the friends we were with decided that next year we'll all do movies and candy at home. I'm lovin' this idea. You see, while I LOVE Halloween, I don't love the crowded streets, the greediness, and the worry about my kiddos running off or worse.

Thoughts on hosting Halloween at home?

Speaking of AT HOME, that's where I am today with Hollyn, who is still sickly.

Here's hoping Wednesday will be a better day for her.
In the meantime, happy Tuesday to you and you and you.

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