Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Am That Mom: Jane

I am that mom who has always been up front about not having a clue where I should go from here. 
 I had always dreamt of being a mother but never really focused on what that would mean exactly.
  I was aware that my life would change and I would always have someone else to be responsible for
 but I wasn't aware of the struggle that would go on inside my head.

There is a part of me that still is very selfish and begins to lose sight of the end goal in mind;
raise a responsible, well-adjusted, contributing member of society. 
 I begin to worry that I am not getting enough 'me time' when all Cheetah wants is to have someone watch him jump in the pool for the 100th time. 

I worry that I am making the wrong choices in life
 and that later Cheetah will pay for my lapses in judgement. 
I hope that he will remember more of the fun days we had together
 than the days when I lost my cool and couldn't keep a level head.

I am the mom who tries to cram as much as she can into each 25th hour
while hoping to hit the lottery and institute the new 8 day week. 
We all could use a Nundina in our future. 
 I attempt to provide the boy with the most out of the box childhood that I can. 
 I have taught him the joys of April Fool's day, making microwaved s'mores, and peeing outside.

I have grown a lot since I realized that the boy was mine to keep. 
He has taught me some difficult lessons about myself and life. 
Sure I would have been a perfectly wonderful person without becoming a mother
but now that I am THAT mom, our lives will never be the same.

Thanks, Jane for your never failing words of wisdom and for being someone I truly admire.
If you want to hear more from Jane, you can take a peek at her blog here.
I hope you are all enjoying this week's I Am That Mom post, and to think we still have more to come!
Happy Tuesday to you and you and you.

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