Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Am That Mom: Kim

Hi, it's Kim from Let It Snow.  I am so thankful to my friend McCall for this opportunity.

Jeff, Jake and me
What kind of Mommie am I? 
 How long do you have? 
My life is not conventional at all...chaos just seems to find me and my life never happens as planned.
  This has carried over into me being Jake's Mommie.
  I would love to be June Cleaver but sadly I fall short in a lot of ways!

One of my favorite pictures of me and Jake
I am blessed with Jake through the awesome gift of adoption. 
 That is right, Jake is adopted! 
 My life has been blessed and improved in so many ways because of adoption. 
 But I think I put more pressure on myself because of it. 
 We waited a long time and had several BIG heart breaks before Jake came along and I was his life to be perfect. 
 Is it? 
Well of course not! 
 But I try everyday to make sure he knows that he is loved beyond measure, is the apple of my eye, and I would give life and limb for him.  I also want Jake to know and others to see that families are not just made through births.  Jake is Gods gift to us and we are a family.  We are normal, we do things just like everyone else.  I want our family and our love for each other to always be a positive reflection for adoption.

The first time I saw him....
 A nurse in the OR room brought a picture of Jake out to us as soon as he was delivered.

This was that picture.  What a doll!

I am so proud to be "Jake's Mommie".  It is what I have waited a lifetime to be. 
 Nothing is sweeter than being introduced as Jake's Mommie".
Here are some of the things that I think are most important in being Jake's Mommie..........

I am the Mommie that says "I love you" every time I think about it even if that means in the middle of "time out" when that fake wailing Jake is doing is breaking my heart.
I am the Mommie that is consumed with guilt. 
 I want to provide Jake with a life like no other.
  I want him to have everything his little heart desires and I hate to say no or punish him BUT I know that he is my responsibility and I am accountable for the person he turns out to be so I do correct him, punish him, and guide him but sometimes it hurts Mommie the most.
I am the Mommie that believes that you have to make memories. 
Therefore is is very important that we have HUGE birthday parties, spend the holidays with extended family, go to family reunions every year, rock and sing in the same chair that my Grandfather rocked me in, and look at pictures of loved ones that have passed away and talk about them so that Jake knows them.
I am the Mommie that believes it is my responsibility to teach Jake as much about his birth family and they area they are from as possible.
  I want him to know his heritage and I want his adoption to be a blessing to
 him just like it has been for me and Jeff. 
I am the Mommie that believes that it is my responsibility to raise Jake in a godly home,
teach him to pray, teach him right from wrong.
  But I also want him to know that we are not perfect and we fall short in a lot of ways
 but God's love for us is greater than anything we can comprehend.

I am the Mommie that beleives even though Jake is adopted he is right where God planned for him to be. 
 I have always favored my Dad's side of the family most, I have a few facial features from my Mom's family but for the most part I don't really look like that side.  BUT Jake on the other hand.....he is a clone.  Look at the following picture and tell me that is not a "God thing".  He is with my cousins children...his third cousins (yes in the south we can keep up with the degrees of cousins) and they could be siblings.  Everywhere we go people are amazed that Jake looks so much like my Momma's family.  That is definitely a blessing and lets me know that Jake is right where God had planned for him.  There may not be a genetic connection BUT there is a LOVE connection and that is what matters in the end.

Jane Claire, Jake and Ben 
Look at that....simply amazing!  God is a GOOOOOOD God!
I am the Mommie that has broken all of the rules I set for myself. 
Yep, Jake sleeps in the bed with us, and I LOVE IT! 
 I would not take anything  for the snuggles and kisses we share and the laughs we share after we lay down at night or before we get up in the morning. 
I let him chew gum, drink diet coke, drink chocolate milk instead of white milk, eat chicken strips way to much, and on and on.  But hey, it works for us and he is way past healthy....and I do good stuff too!
I am the Mommie that thinks my little man is the cutest little fella I have ever seen.  He is funny, sweet, adorable, can be a stinker, has a temper like no other, loves to laugh, and loves his Mommie.  I am totally and completely in love with this little man and I want the world to know that I think he is perfect!

Don't you agree...he is a DOLL!!

I could go on and on..... Not that I am a great Mommie but I do try my very best everyday. 
I just pray  that Jake will look back and say "my Mommie rocked". 
I hope that I am half the Mommie to Jake that my Momma is to me.

Me and my Momma at her birthday party
Check out Let It Snow and get to know us better.
  You can read more about our adoption journey there also. 
 We would love to have you follow us and become friends. 
Thanks for taking a look into my world!

Cute, cute, cute!

Thanks, Kim for sharing your sweet, sweet story with us.
I hope your week has been top notch and filled with all the loveliness that fall has to offer. For me, this means candy corn....lots and lots of candy corn.

Happy Thursday to you and you and you.

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