Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Off to Camp We Go and Some Updates

Mkay. Let me start by saying this post is gonna be short and sweet,
as their are about twenty boxes begging to be unpacked tonight.

Last week Lib went to summer camp for the very first time.
To say she is in love simply doesn't do it justice.

I knew she would be.
After all, she does have a pinch or so of my DNA....and the love for all things camp runs through these ole' veins of mine like nobody's business.

And yes, her shirt does say "Dinosaurs are People Too".
It's her fave.
Can you blame her?

Here's a shot of Lib with her counselor.

This sweet college kiddo had no clue what she was in for with the Libster.
This lasted about all of five minutes, seeing as how her sass was showing before I even left.
I'm hoping they gave her a raise after we left last week's session.

Needless to say, Lib was t-totally fine being away from her momsie and popsie. However, she did say she missed Hollyn and Doc terribly.
Good to know Lee and I are so appreciated.
How sweet it is to be a parent, correct?

Anyway, while Lib was living it up at camp, here's what we were doing:

Oh, the joys of moving.
If you happen to know what said 'joys' are please let me know...I'm still searching for the answer to this one of life's great mysteries.

Tomorrow we are headed out of town for a doctor's appointment for Libby's eczema.
Until then, I will leave with a teeny tiny sneak peek of the new place:

Yes, those are original hardwoods.
Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart.

Happy Wednesday to you and you and you.

Please pray my back survives an out of town's been being especially moody since last week's nerve burn.

Promise to be back soon with more on the move that never ends.

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  1. jealous of your hard wood floors :) Summer camp holds some of the best memories from my childhood.


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