Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not Sure the Runway is Ready for This

 The photographers from last weekend's shoot out have started posting pics, and I am ecstatic. They have been a great distraction from packing and unpacking, and I have loved seeing their different styles.

These first six were taken by Stacee at Kookabug Photography.
She was so nice and easy to work with; Libby did really well with her.
And if you ask me, she's the spittin' image of Darby.
And can I just say I am madly in love with her pics?
Because I am crushin' hardcore over these shots.

These next three were taken by Katie, from Katie McDill photography.
Katie was the last photographer we worked with that day, and by then Lib had about had all she could take of the heat. However, Katie still managed to get some amazing shots.
She's an elementary school teacher, and she really connected well with the Libster.

And these last five were taken by Erin, from Erin Norman Photography.
Erin and I have been friends since college, so it was great getting to see her again and catch up a little.
She is truly a natural talent, and I think she has a fabulous eye, if you know what I mean.
I love the artsy perspective she adds to her shots.
And I love the variety of lenses she uses.
I think Erin and Libby spent more time giggling than they did shooting, which was fine by me, especially considering how AMAZING Erin's shots are.
Look and see for yourself.

And last, I have a few pics. from Snapshot's Photography by Sylvia Wedel. Sylvia, believe it or not, is new to the photography world. If I do say so myself, she is very talented. I loved her shots of Libby. She is located in the Columbus, MS, area. If you'd like to contact her to schedule a shoot, let me know,
and I'll be happy to get you a hook up.

This concludes our 'This is my Kid Whom I Happen to Think is Pretty Darn Cute' edition here at Lee, Me, and the Girls. Please come back soon for an update on Lib's first camping experience and our hardest move to date.
Thanks for being patient with me and my random posting habits as of late....our Internet is now up and running at the new house (can I get a high five for this?), and I double pinky promise to be back here more often in the days to come.

Happy Tuesday, homies.


  1. All of them are so gorgeous & so different! She is really adorable, which makes the shots THAT much cuter!

  2. Libby is such a doll and her personality just shines through these pictures! I love all these pictures and styles of photography, but must say that Erin's is simply breathtaking on multiple levels!

  3. Awesome pics! Bet Libby had a blast modeling! Hope the move is going well (there's nothing I hate more than moving!!) and hope to see on here a little more--I've missed my McCall fix! :-)

  4. Thanks so much for blogging about this! Libby is such a trooper, she did everything, everyone asked of her and I couldn't be anymore pleased with how my images turned out. It was so good to see you! :)


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