Monday, July 11, 2011

Point, Focus, Shoot

Just in case there was any confusion:

* El nerve burn for my back is in T-minus 2 days.
*Libby leaves for summer camp in 3 days.
* We move in 4 days.

Busy is my word for the week.

But yesterday we took a break from busy and headed out of town to meet up with this lovely lady:

Remember my friend Erin? If you don't, you'll find her button on my sidebar. She's an AMAZING photographer, and this weekend she hosted a shoot out. What's a shoot out, you ask?
I said the same thing at first.
A shoot out is when a group of photographers get together with a group of models to take some pics, practice new ideas, and develop their portfolios.
And a few months back when Erin asked if Libby could be their child model for the day, of course I said yes.

So, Lee kept his eyes on this one yesterday.....

.....while Kristen and I played dress up with this one.

The photo shoot was held at an old mansion, and it was beautiful.
Hot....but beautiful.
And by hot, I mean the heat index was 107, and I now know what people mean when they say they were 'sweating buckets'.

But, we braved the heat, Libby cranked her diva up full force, and we all had fun.

This shot was taken with my phone.....which I am seriously enjoying, in case you were wondering.

Needless to say, I can't wait to see how the pics turned out.....but Erin was gracious enough to give me a peek at one of her out takes.

If this is an out take, I better hold on to my britches when the real pics are posted.

And after a long, sweaty day, Lib was rewarded with her very first restaurant coke.

If you have a moment, please say a little prayer for our family. This week is bound to be super stressful, and I really hope my kiddos adjust well and that I can keep my cool for the next few more ways then one.

Happy Monday to you and you and you.

And in case you're wondering, our computer is still on the outs, but we are working on it. I MISS BLOGGING and miss you and your comments....this whole non-blogging every day thing just isn't working for me.


  1. I will be praying for all of you. Remember to drinks LOTS of water. :)

  2. saw the pictures on facebook and they are adorable!!

    Good luck on all your endeavors this week, I will send some prayers.


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