Thursday, August 26, 2010

And the Award Goes to....

I just love a good blog, and I'm assuming you do too. And I'm always on the scout for the next 'must read'. Here are a few (ok, well twelve) that I think are more than worth checking out:

* My Favorite Place for Ideas

brown paper packages

Brown Paper Packages is the best place for me when I'm looking for a crafty idea. Her creations are always practical and often involve things I have around the house already. Her style is timeless and oh-so-stinkin' cute. Lee is not so much a fan of me visiting her blog because I always leave with ten new ideas for things I just 'have to make soon'.

* My 'I Want Her House' Favorite

And this award goes to House of Smiths. I'm seriously considering hiring someone to hypnotize her and convince her that we need to trade houses. Think I could pull that off? It's be worth trying because her house is UGH-MAY-ZING!

* My 'Basically I Want to Be Her' Favorite

Meet Lauren from I heart her. She's the coolest. We should so be friends in real life.

* My 'Coolest Kid' Favorite

Kenzie is basically the coolest blogging kid ever. She lives in Utah (which is apparently where 90% of all great bloggers live) and is super smart and funny...oh and she has great style. Reading her blog makes me miss teaching. She also runs a great blog design website with lots of fun freebies....because she's the coolest.
You can find her here:

all about kenzie

* My Favorite Blogger Friend

If I could pick one person from blogland and instantly become real-life friends with her, it would be Jessica, whom I stumbled upon here:

I love her morals and her Godly perspective as she raises (and homeschools) her five precious children.

* My Favorite Real Life Blogger Friends

This was THE HARDEST category for me, so I simply can't pick just one. I have lots of great friends with great blogs. However, today I'm limiting myself to only three to share with you.

1. My friend Penny from

Penny is THE MOST CREATIVE person I know in real life. She's also very funny and dripping in Southern charm. You will love her. Her blog is filled with creative ideas, funny personal antics, and a splash of her wit and charm.

2. My friend Erin from

My friend Erin has two of the most adorable children ever born, a super hottie of a husband (see photo above), a very interesting Air Force wife life, and an up and coming photography business. Her blog is full of great pics, excellent book reviews, and the occasional yummy treat recipes.

3. My friend Heather from

Unless you're new around here, you've heard me talk about Heather many, many times. She and her husband have their hands full raises two little miracles, David and Mary Louise. Follow her as she details life as the mom of very busy preemies.

* My Favorite Place for Blog Ideas and Freebies

Although there are several blogs I love to frequent for blogger tips, etc. (which you can find more about under my Favorites section), my FAVORITE place to go for ideas such as this is here:

this crazy life...michelle underwood designs

Her stuff is adorable and so my style. She has lots of freebies available for you to use as you wish and often offers great giveaways as well.

* My Favorite Eye Candy

Yes, I'd like my blog to look just like hers. Please and thank you very much.

* My Place to Go For Motivation

This mom has it together. She inspires me to do and be better. I think she handles her struggles beautifully and with such grace and compassion. And I think you'll love her too.

* My Favorite Guilty Pleasure

This momma is a mess....and I love her. She cracks me up and inspires me, all at the same time. And that's somethin' you just don't find everyday.

* My Place to Go for Mommy Inspiration

Who doesn't know Darby from I love, love, love her. She is about as big as it gets in terms of blog fame, and yet she remains the most down-to-earth, level-headed, Christian example there is. I feel like I know her and her children, and I absolutely adore her blog. In all honesty, she is the reason I fell in love with blogging. She is the mom I hope to one day become.

* My All-Time Favorite

Easy. Simple. Hands-down. The blog I love more than any other is the beloved Enjoying the Small Things by the infamous, ever-charming Kelle Hampton at

If you've ever read her blog then nuff' said. If not, stop what you're doing and head there now. But be warned, her blog is like a black hole for me-- once I go in, it's VERY hard for me to come back out...I just want to stay! I literally get excited when I see she's posted something new. And I have to add that the other day Libby and I were looking at her blog (Libby believes Nella and Lainey are her very own friends), and Lib said, "Mom, your blog isn't as good as hers." Yeah, kidding. But thanks for ever-so-graciously reminding me that I need to pick up my game. ;)


  1. Thanks for the shout out! So sweet. :)

  2. Awww, thanks girl! I feel special! ;-)

  3. This is a wonderful post! (Not just because I am mentioned in it! lol) I love visiting all the sites you mentioned! Thank you so much for giving me a shoutout. *muah*

  4. How sweet of you! I would LOVE to be friends in real-life too! :)

  5. I love darby.... and actually her twin sister reins and my sister are dear friends!

  6. I love darby.... and actually her twin sister reins and my sister are dear friends!

  7. Thank you so much, McCall!!! You're the sweetest! Ever. You SERIOUSLY made my day. :)

  8. I am hosting a party over at Sassy Sites today too! I would love to have you join us and show off your fun blog! Come by and say hi and grab a button! oh... AND come and sign up for our giveaway too! $50 Gift Card in Vinyl Lettering!! xoxo

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  9. Following you! Would love a follow back!

  10. Lovely list. Some of my already faves and some new ones too. Thanks for sharing!


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