Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Mama Likey

With the life of a stay-at-home mom comes sacrifice (more on this in an upcoming post), and one of the biggest sacrifices in our home comes with the desire to purchase things I don't "need". Quitting the day job has left me a little strapped for cash.

However, if I DID have money to burn, these would be a  few of my fire-starters of choice:

Converse low-tops. Classic. Love them. Never out of style. You likey too? You can get some here.

My friend Erin introduced to me this great site called And I'm drooling over these jeans. They're a little dressier than normal, and the best part is you can choose the length of your inseam, making them a perfect choice for girls like me who live life on the shorter side. Think you need some too?
Check them out here.

As of late, green has been my color of choice. I also am a firm-believer in the notion that simple is better. That being said, I ADORE this sweater. Seriously, it calls to me in the night. You can catch me oodling over it here.

This is quite possibly my favorite thing on this list. It's also one of the few things I can justify buying on a budget. I love the idea of spreading breast cancer awareness with something so stinkin' cute. They're made by the Keep A Breast Foundation, and you can get you own here.

I adore Halloween. It's quite possibly my favorite holiday. And this year, I'm dreaming of seeing Hollyn celebrate her first Halloween dressed as this. Oh, be still my beating heart. I am in love. You love it too? Peek at it here.

I have a thing for Kavu bags. They are so durable, casual, washable, and classic. My green is about its last leg after years of abuse use. It's lived a long, full life, but it's about time to move on....and here's where I'd like to relocate. I love that this bag is big enough to use an in-between stage diaper bag while still looking like a purse and being super easy to sport with the shoulder strap. Mama likey. You can find this and several other super cute options here.


I seriously think I need this. Did you hear me say earlier that I like simple and that green's my favorite color? This combines the two, and thus, I gotta have it. My current wallet is big and bulky. I also need an i-pod holder that I'll use and that's easy to open, although this could also be used for a cell phone. I love the idea of slipping it into my diaper bag or grabbing it to run into a store. If you like it too, you can find one here. They come in lots of colors and prints, so I'm sure you can find one you'll love as much as I love this one.

Ugh. I seriously LOVE this with an uppercase L. It's so cute and so ME. I think my office NEEDS this print. I found it in an etsy shop where she takes the keep calm slogan and pairs it with just about anything you can think find the one for you here.

Cute baby. Cute legwarmers. Matching headband. What more could a mama want? You can order some for your little crawler here.

I'm not a big jewelery kind of kid, but being raised in the South, it's almost considered rude to not wear earrings on a daily basis. I have been eyeing these for a while and think they'll make the Christmas list. I love that I can dress them down with a t-shirt or up with heels. Agree? You can find some of your very own here.

Have I ever told you that since age two Libby's favorite animal has been a bat? No, you don't need to adjust your screen or get your glasses; you read correctly. She loves them. And I think my girl needs one. I'm hoping to order this one, which I found right here.

Last but not least, I'm checking out this. I don't know if Skosh necklaces are a big thing where you live, but we love them down here. I have three that I've collected in the past few years. Want to start a new trend where you live? I highly recommend. You can order them here.

So, I have to ask....what are you needing these days???


  1. Thanks alot. Green's my favorite color too and now I "need" that sweater!!

  2. Until I read your post, and learned about Skosh jewelry, I thought I was doing pretty good!
    I think I have 6 of these darn things on my bday wish list now!!

    All my Love to you anyways!! Haha!


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