Monday, June 14, 2010

Those little summer moments

I like to believe that summer is made up of lots of little moments that somehow seem to add up to something big, something wonderful, and something magical.

Here are some of the moments we've experienced in the past few days:

- The moment I realized this whole 'stay-at-home mom job' thing might turn out to be bigger than I'd ever hoped....

- The moment we rode by our old house, which is now sporting a new coat of paint, and it no longer looked or felt like home.

-The moment Libby opted for rocker silly bands over princess, and I realized that she's growing up before my very eyes.

- The moment this little one REALLY learned how to jump in her jumper, and it hit me that very, very soon, there will be no stopping her.

- The moment Hollyn discovered that adorable baby staring back at her while she takes a bath.

-The moment this one took her first swim of the summer.

-The moment I looked at her and saw a big girl instead of the baby she once was.

-The moment this one sported her first accessory.

And last but not least:

- The moment I realized we got exactly what we prayed for this super mellow, laid back little girl who will sleep any place and any time she sees fit.

I can't wait to see what other moments summer is sure to unveil....and thanks to all who prayed for Hollyn last week- we've been spot free since Saturday. :)

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  1. OK Lee can't take the credit for getting her to sleep. We're the ones that wore her out!


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