Friday, June 11, 2010

Seeing spots

Have you missed me this week? I've most certainly missed you. To put it mildly, this has not been a stellar week at our house.
What have we been doing, you ask?
Oh, well we've been busy seeing spots.

In fact, I've seen so many spots this week that my life will be complete and my heart will be content if I never see another spot as long as I live.

Roseola- we are not friends.
You are not welcome at my house.
You cannot stay for dinner.
 In fact, you've completely outworn the welcome I never extended you.
 Pack your stuff and hit the road.

I suppose the only positive thing I can say about this experience is that I haven't felt the need to do any arm workouts this week-- I've gotten plenty by holding my five-month-old for hours upon hours every day in an attempt to appease her during her time of uncomfort. My biceps are like steel. Do you hear me? Steel.

And Libby, in an attempt to get on the action, 'broke' her foot at dance and needed a 'cast'.

Fastest healing 'broken' foot I've ever seen. In fact, by the time I snapped this picture....

I think she was feeling much better.

And speaking of feeling better....don't worry about H. We'll make it.

I mean, she can't stay spotted forever, right?


  1. Poor Hollyn! And poor mommy! What causes this? Hope she feels better soon!

  2. You have got super cute kids. I found you through the blog hope at Serenity. Nice blog!


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