Monday, June 21, 2010

Her name in lights

Welcome to big girl land.
This weekend was monumental for Libby-- not because it was her first dance recital.
Dance recitals are fun but totally trivial.
No, I think this weekend was big because I got to share one of my all-time greatest loves with one of my all-time favorite people: performing.
For the first time in her little life, Libby put it all on the line, faced her fears, and did her thing in front of several hundred pairs of watchful eyes.

 And to put it mildly, she was amazing.

Although she was a little nervous before her big moment....

and maybe even a little scared.....

the little girl pulled it all together and did her very best.

And the whole time, she remembered to focus on what was
THE MOST IMPORTANT thing she had to do that day:

And that she did.
She even got an award for being the one who always keeps the teacher on track
 and picks up on new skills quickly.
Ummmm....could you possibly describe my child any more perfectly?

And I do believe that after this first attempt,  my little one has inherited her momma's love for all things

She said she loved every minute of it.
And while dancing is fun, that's only a smart part of it, I think.

I mean, yes I'm proud my little one can shimmy and shake,
but I'm much more proud that she can look her fears in the face.....

and say BRING IT.

Being on stage has brought me so much joy.
 I love the late night practices, the people,
 the nervous feeling that consumes my stomach before I take the stage,
and the rush I get while it's actually my time to shine.

And I am thrilled to share this love with my first-born.

Whatever God has in store for her, I have a feeling that it's something VERY, VERY big, because He's made her so fearless, so funny, so driven, so talented, and so independent.

Oh, and as for the make-up.....she's officially in love.

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