Saturday, March 27, 2010

Moving in so many ways

I'll be the first to admit that this whole mom thing is still very new to me. You're correct, I do have a five-year-old. However, I believe some people are just naturally born with more of a motherly bone so to speak, and I sometimes wonder if I am one of these people. While I adore my babies beyond words, I am always envious of what I consider to be the elite club composed of what I believe are really good moms. To me, these are the kinds of moms who have infinite patience (which I don't), are content to sit and play tea party for hours on end while having a sink full of dishes (which I'm not), and, oh wait, don't have a sink full of dirty dishes because despite playing tea party for hours on end their houses don't even look lived in--much less messy (never gonna happen here). However, the one thing I think all moms share is that first moment, the moment when you first lay eyes on your little one, the one whose flutters you've felt from the inside out, whose name God wrote on your heart before you were even conceived, and the one HE chose and designed especially for you. I've many wonderful, unforgettable moments in my life, but these are the tip top of the list. And I had one of these life-shaking moments not too long ago, remember?

Well, thanks to my friend Erin at Puddin Sugar, I've now read about one of the most amazing birth moments I've ever encountered. This story truly spoke to my heart, made me cry, and I would be very selfish not to share it with you. However, great moments don't come without great sacrifice, emotions, and expectations. This story embraces all of the above and so much more. I hope you are as blessed in reading it as I have been.

But remember: bring tissue and don't say I didn't warn you-- it will do more than just tug on your heartstrings.

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