Monday, March 8, 2010

Turn and run and take your kiddos with you!

Moms, beware. There's an evil thing lurking around every corner. It's name, you ask? Time. It will make your baby go from this:
And this:
(Pay no mind to the fact that my child was eating a stick and my initial response was to take a picture. That's irrelevant right now. We have much more important things to discuss at the moment than my child eating bark.)
And, before you know it and faster than you can pull a rabbit out of your hat, your little baby will morph into this:
A girl who, in a matter of months, will be in KINDERGARTEN and will turn six. Six. Oh my gracious. No more toddler section shopping. No more naps at school. No more baby. What is a mom to do in this time of crisis?
I guess it's a good thing I have an eight-week-old in my den at this very moment, huh?
Note: I'd love to post more about the evil enemy o'mine named time. However, I feel the need to go coupon clipping to save for a car, college, and a wedding. At the rate things are going these days, these events will also be here in the mere blink of an eye. *sigh*

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  1. I feel the same way - I can't believe these guys are almost 1!! (sniff and tear).


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