Monday, December 2, 2013


Confession time: I did not partake in the daily Facebook thankful list during the month of November. However, I am exceedingly thankful for so many things. So here you go, fashionably late, my list of thankfuls for November: 

1. my family, albeit currently incomplete
2. the fact that my car is still spite of the odds and many many miles I've put on it
3. friends who understand my heart and get where I'm coming from on a regular basis
4. the fact that our adoption is officially half  funded
5. working for Noonday Collection and knowing that my work is making the world a better place for someone else
6. the amazing adoption community that I never realized existed and am now blessed by every single day
7. good books that come around at perfect times
8. hot tea
9. road trips to see old friends
10. more experienced, wiser women who spend time investing in little ole me
11. Libby's love for music and her keyboard...and the headphones that go with it
12. 'Parenthood' reruns
13. slippers
14. blogs that inspire
15. pictures of my kiddos
16. little moments that makes big memories
17. gifts that give back
18. nights when bedtime is easy
19. hand-me-downs for my littles
20. snuggling on the couch
21. dancing in the kitchen
22. candy....all the candy
23. good music that makes me smile
24. laughing until I cry
25. living close enough to my grandmother that I can see her often
26. an automatic setting on my camera that allows me to capture one or two decent shots of our family...out of the two hundred or so that we took
27. friends who share my take on motherhood
28. all things pumpkin
29. Christmas movies playing on repeat for the next twenty-three or so days at mi casa
30. Hollyn's made up cheers that she does randomly all throughout each and every day

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving was superb and that you have much to be thankful for. Care to share one of the little things in life that you are most thankful for? I'd love to hear it! 

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