Monday, December 9, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things (A GIVEAWAY)

So it's no secret that I'm all kinds of crazy about Noonday Collection
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would love it as much as I do. 
I just can't enough of knowing that my purchases are literally working to change the lives of those in need around the world. 
And you know what?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? 
Have YOU hosted a Noonday show? 
Well, let's chat for a minute.....

You have until TOMORROW to place an order on my site (be sure to select me, McCall Aldridge) as your ambassador OR message me about hosting a show in January or February. If you don't live in MS, no problem! I can connect you with an ambassador near you!

 If you do either of these things by tomorrow at 3 pm CST, 
you will be entered to win the scarf of your choice. 
Which would you pick?
 Tough decision, folks. 

AND did I mention that your order WILL be in in time for Christmas???? 
(The last day to order for guaranteed Christmas delivery is December 17th.)
You can't beat that!

And in case you need a little help deciding that to order, here are a few of my favorite Noonday things: 

Metallic Pearl Bracelet (made from artillery in Ethiopia) 

(search my Instagram to see me wearing these since they arrived on my doorstep)

Jalia Ombre Necklace (made from paper in Uganda)

our home and gift items-- LOVE them all, and they are on sale right now!

The delicious Cozy Zip Wrap 

The Angelica Infinity Scarf (it's backordered but WILL be in for Christmas)

 So, finish your Christmas shopping 
and watch to see who will win TOMORROW (Tuesday, 12/10) 
at 3pm CST! 

Happy shopping and good luck! 

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