Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bitter is Not Better: Christmas is Hard When You're Waiting

 My Dear Emily, 

Oh baby girl, I miss you. I miss you every single day, but Christmas is about to do me in. I want you home, with us, where you belong. I want my family to be all together under one roof. I want to know that you'll eat until your belly is full and to be able to hold you when you're not feeling well. I want to know that you have all the clean water you could ever possibly need, a good bath with bubbles, and a mom to tuck you in at night. I want you to here to watch 'The Grinch' with Libby, to sit on my lap while I read The Night Before Christmas... again, and to build a gingerbread house with Hollyn. I want you to wake me up in the middle of the night to ask me if it's morning yet and to pick out presents for you. I want you to be home for Christmas. One day soon, sweet girl. We are coming for you. 

Love you all the way to the sky, 

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