Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sevenly: Generosity Water

I am so excited about my latest venture. 
Have you heard about all the great things happening at SEVENLY

Well, I am officially partnering with them in their mission to do good via one of my all-time favorite things: 
Seriously, there are few things I love more than a shirt that gives back, and Sevenly shirts do just that. 

Know what else they are doing?
They are helping to bring Emily home!
That's right, for every shirt purchased via my blog (whether it's from a link within a post or the button on my sidebar),  a portion of the proceeds will go directly towards our adoption. 

And I could not be more honored to partner with them. 
They are doing so much good for others. 

Last week, they raisers over $16,5000 for End 7, which means that they were able to give medicine to over 33,000 people to protect them from those seven life-threatening, yet often neglected, tropical diseases. 

And this week, they are taking it a step further and working with something is very near to my heart. 
If you may recall, in October of last year, I went to Malawi to do clean water work. 

And my heart was forever changed by seeing people value and treasure water in a way I never had. 

So, this week I am so excited to team up with Sevenly to help promote Generosity Water, as they work to build clean water wells in Ethiopia.  Generosity Water is dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries, one community at a time by embracing creativity, forming strategic partnerships, and providing in depth accountability. In 2011, Ethiopia suffered from the worst drought in over half a century. As a result, an estimated 100,000 people died from the effects of drought and famine. To this day, 56% of their population still lives without access to clean water, making it the #1 killer of people worldwide. 

This week your support helps to build a well that provides clean drinking water to an entire community! We are not just providing a well but providing the tools for healthy upkeep of sanitation and hygiene. We are helping to sustain a whole community and keep many children alive and healthy for years to come! 
  I am so excited to play a teeny tiny part. 
I'm also excited to show you the AWESOME shirts this week: 

Oh, that last one. Be still my heart. I am seriously crushing on this t-shirt. 
The fact that it does something good for another? 
Well, you just can't beat that. 

Head on over to Sevenly, do a little shopping, and help bring Emily home....all at the same time. 
That sounds like a great way to start off your week, yes? 

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