Monday, August 12, 2013

Be The Change: An Update

Wanted to start the week off with a little t-shirt update. 

Our shirts will soon have homes in TWENTY-NINE states! 
I can't believe that people from all across our country are working to bring our girl home to us. 

To date, we have sold 331 shirts. Our goal is 500. 
We have ordered two batches so far. The second batch, in fact,
 is being printed today and will start going out later this week. 

And we are already working on orders towards batch #3.

I'm working on a post that breaks down all of the adoption costs so you can see just where this money is going, but with 500 shirts sold, we will have raised enough to cover the next step in the process. I couldn't possibly more excited about this or grateful for your help. 

My favorite part about selling t-shirts though? 
That's easy.
It's seeing them on all of YOU!

Have you ordered a shirt to help bring Emily home?
If so, I'd LOVE to see!
You can tag me in it on facebook or e-mail it to me. 
And if you have ordered already, 
will you help me spread the word by sharing this post or our shirt site or our video? 
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this. 

And if HAVEN'T ordered a shirt yet but would like to, here's the link to our site: 

Happy Monday to you and you and you...and Emily. 

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