Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's My Job

My girl is growing up. 
There's simply no stopping it. 

The milestones these days are getting bigger and bigger. 
I swear that just yesterday she was saying her first word (it was 'hey', by the way. So very fitting for those of you who know my little social butterfly.), and now she's riding a bike...alone...down the street....with no training wheels. 

My heart can hardly take it. 

And as she's stating a new year of  school, I worry.
Worrying is my job, you know. 
It's in the Motherhood Handbook. 
I checked. 

Will she make friends? 
Will she understand multiplication? 
Will I ever understand multiplication?
Will she like her teachers?
Will she grow her love for learning this year?
Will she have fun? 

What if this is the year she decides she doesn't like school? 
What if she starts to dread going? 
What if she gets bullied? 

I think this is something that keeps every mother up at night.
The truth is, kids can be mean. 
And with all the cell phones and social communication, bullying has only gotten worse.
And I'm sure that the little we've experienced so far in elementary school is nothing compared to what awaits in middle school and high school. 

And words hurt. 
They stick to you and stay with you. 
I can still remember the mean things kids said to me growing up. 
There is a high possibility that this is one of the reasons that I hate my hair to this very day.

Bullying is real. 
It's also a real problem that affects kids in every school in our country.  

And this week, I'm partnering with Sevenly to do something about it. 

After raising $15,000 last week to help provide clean water to the people of Ethiopia, this week, Sevenly is teaming up with Stand for the Silent to help protect children being bullied in school. 
Through educating students about the real dangers associated with bullying, they hope to help students develop an empathetic awareness through education and understanding. 

And as a mom, I could not more fully support this campaign
(I also can not possibly love this shirt any more than I already do.)

Head on over to Sevenly to read more about what they're doing to combat bullying. 

And if you need me, I'll be here....trying to stop time and buying a brick to put on Libby's head. 
No more growing at our house...at least not for a while...my mama heart can't handle it.

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