Thursday, June 27, 2013

Twenty-Three and Counting

Between vacation Bible school, visiting with friends, and swimming until our skin shrivels up, 
we have been all kinds of busy this week. 
Just wanted to pop in with a little t-shirt update. 

As of today, our shirts will soon be headed to TWENTY-THREE states!
If that's not the best way EVER to teach our kids about geography and the love of others, then I don't know what is. I am so so so in awe of how God is using people from all over to pour His love onto our family. 
And while we are so very thankful for our friends who have supported, we are even MORE amazed by the complete strangers who have placed orders to help bring our girl home. 
Saying thank you could never possibly express the way we feel. 

We are planning on placing our first order on MONDAY, 
so if you haven't ordered yet and would like to, there's still time! 

And again, wow. 


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